Root Heave on Courts 2&3

07 July 2020

Dear Members
This is just a gentle reminder of a few safety matters. Adherence to the points below will make sure we all keep safe whilst playing on our courts.
Firstly: we urge you to be mindful when crossing at the back of the courts to get from the gate to courts 2 and 3 and our new Mini Courts.  You must wait until the end of a point/game or until the player(s) wave you across between points.  Failure to do this puts all parties at risk of being injured.  It is also a point of tennis etiquette of which all players should be aware. Note that running behind someone as they are hitting the ball is very dangerous as it could easily end up in an injury from a racquet being swung.
Secondly: court 3 will be temporarily out of play until the raised root damage has been repaired.  Blaise will still use it for his lessons as he will conduct his lesson from the damaged end as he can keep clear of the danger.
Finally: guidelines from the LTA about retrieving balls from other courts states very clearly that you must not run onto other courts to collect your balls that may have ended up there by accident.  You should wait until a break in play and ask players to send your ball back to you without touching it with your hands.
Thank you in anticipation of your support in following these simple guidelines.
HTC Welfare Officers